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About Us

ServerAllies has been managing and monitoring servers and applications since 2004. We fill a niche area that goes far beyond what your typical managed hosting company can provide. Our company is available via phone, AIM/Yahoo/MSN instant messenger, and our online helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for support. We are data center (DC) neutral and will manager servers in any environment.

Why ServerAllies?

Allies works together to accomplish a common goal. At ServerAllies, our goal is to keep your servers running and secure at all times so you can focus on your business needs. We accomplish this by hiring highly skilled system administrators and engineers that are available 24/7. We can work directly with your hosting provider to find the best solution for you needs and can provide technical consulting as your needs change. In addition to server administration, we also have a in house team of web application developers that can help when the issue is with your application. We reduce the unnecessary finger pointer and solve the problem.


ServerAllies works with hundreds of customers including systems that have millions of visitors per day. We know what it takes to keep your system up running and have the experience to help you grow your system to the next level without costly mistakes.

While ServerAllies is not the cheapest management company, we are the most comprehensive full service management company for servers and applications. All Support is located in the USA and english is our first language. Contact Us today and speak with friendly representives that can help you with all your hosting needs. © 2007 | Privacy Policy  | Terms of Use | Service Level Agreement home   |   company info   |   services   |   support   |   contact us