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"It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” - It is very important to know exactly whenever a service or your entire server is not functioning as it should be. It can be highly detrimental to your business should any of your services fail and you not be aware of it. Imagine sitting at your desk all day, not receiving any support emails or new order emails - not a slow day, but a downed service causing that issue. You’d lose out on a lot of new business or upset clients by not assisting them in a timely manner.

We know of these headaches first hand and understand just how important to have a team of server administrators monitoring your servers and services at all times of the day. Our server monitoring & response service provides our clients with the peace of mind needed to properly sleep at night. Rest assured knowing your servers are up and running, and in the event of a service failure highly qualified server administrators are only minutes away from repairing the issue.

Our Server Monitoring plans ensure a significant reduction in downtimes, prompt resolution to incidents 24/7, and increased end-user/customer satisfaction.
Basic Server Monitoring - Only $14.95/Month
Server Monitoring plan is an entry level monitoring solution that will pretty much cover all of your monitoring needs. It covers all your minimum service needs and will notify you of any downed services. We automatically respond as per escalation plan in the event of a downed server.
Affordable Monitoring Solution Three (3) Monitored Services
Access Monitoring Area / Statistics Immediate Response to Any Emergency
5 Minute Polling Intervals Immediate Notification (email, sms)
Firewall Setup 24/7 Availability
Intermediate Server Monitoring - Only $19.95/Month
With our Gold Server Monitoring plan you are given the ability to monitor additional services and have then checked at shorted intervals, which equates to faster resolution times to any issues that may arise. We automatically respond as per escalation plan in the event of a downed server and reactively troubleshoot any downed service notification.
Includes Silver Server Monitoring 2 Additional Custom Monitored Ports
Four Step Escalation Plan Troubleshooting Any Service Failures
5 Minute Polling Intervals One Hour of Server Administration
Advanced Server Monitoring - Only $29.95/Month
SeeksAdmin’s Ultimate Server Monitoring plan is one of the best server monitoring solutions available. We monitor up to 8 service ports and provide two hours of included server administration services.
Includes Silver & Gold Monitoring 7 Service Ports Monitored
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